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Ruby waterjet nozzles type 33     - 4000 bar

Waterjet nozzle Waterjet nozzle
Suitable for the following cutting heads:
Passend auf folgende Schneidköpfe:
Adaptables sur les têtes de découpe suivantes
Ingersoll-Rand Autoline System
Diameter T
(mm) (inch)
FLN-Y-3310 on request 0.10 0.004
FLN-Y-3315 on request 0.15 0.006
FLN-Y-3317 on request 0.17 -
FLN-Y-3320 0.20 0.008
FLN-Y-3323 0.23 0.009
FLN-Y-3325 0.25 0.010
FLN-Y-3328 on request 0.28 0.011
FLN-Y-3330 on request 0.30 0.012
FLN-Y-3333 on request 0.33 0.013
FLN-Y-3335 0.35 0.014
FLN-Y-3340 on request 0.40 0.016

Synthetic sapphire features excellent characteristics. Because of those characteristics this nozzles offer a longer life time and cause less changeover time:

  • inert and very resistant against aggressive media
  • excellent heat conductivity (particularly at kryotemperatures
  • also excellent heat resistance and resistance against thermal shocks.
  • brilliant resistance against scratching and wear
  • good resistance against corrosion and abrasivity
  • extreme hardness (behind diamond the most hard technical material)
The nozzle is made of stainless steel, brass seal and ruby stone.  Upon request, it is also available with other hole diameters, a synthetic  seal and/or a sapphire stone.

Die Düse wird aus rostfreiem Stahl, einer Messingdichtung und einem  Rubinstein hergestellt. on request kann sie auch mit anderen  Lochdurchmessern, einer Kunststoffdichtung und/oder einem Saphirstein  geliefert werden.

La buse est fabriquée à d'acier inox, joint en laiton et pierre en rubis.  Sur demande elle peut aussi être livrée avec d'autres diamètres de trou,  un joint synthétique et/ou avec une pierre en Saphir.