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High Pressure Cleaning Nozzle

High Pressure Cleaning Nozzle   Type 62 (Sapphire) - 800 bar

High Pressure Cleaning Nozzle
High Pressure Cleaning Nozzle
Synthetic sapphire features excellent characteristics. Because of those characteristics this nozzles offer a longer life time and cause less changeover time:

High pressure cleaning nozzles / surface finishing

By using special high pressure pump the water will be high compressed. So a water pressure can become up to 2500 bar. Just to add the nessessary kinetic energy into the high pressure water, it has to be pressed through a superfine nozzle.
The target intensity and effect of the water jet can be determined by the pressure and the nozzle selction.
Water cut technology is very suitable to fast, exact and environmentally machining of urfaces and removal of layers.
Even sensitive urfaces can be prepared smooth by this technique.
The surfaces can be cleaned efficient and residue-free and therefore they are excellent prepared to further processes.
There are many applications in the field of surface jetting: Cleaning of buildings and frontages, ships, container, streets, landing runways, tubes, drains, gullies and flash removal, remove of concrete and bitumen up to eliminate hard and soft materials and layers. Because of the water jet’s high power impact, there is no need to use chemical products. So it can be guaranteed an environmentally process. In case of extreme requirements, the compatibility of environment can be increased by intermixture of abrasive media.

ordering code
Diameter T / mm
Diameter T / inch
RDT-M8-060* 0.60 0.024
RDT-M8-075 0.75 0.030
RDT-M8-125 1.25 0.049
RDT-M8-150 1.50 0.059
RDT-M8-200 2.00 0.079
RDT-M8-225 2.25 0.089
RDT-M8-250 2.50 0.098
RDT-M8-275* 2.75 0.108
RDT-M8-300* 3.00 0.118
RDT-M8-325* 3.25 0.128
RDT-M8-350* 3.50 0.138
* auf Anfrage / sur demande / on request
The nozzle is made of stainless steel, brass seal and sapphire stone. Upon request, it is also available with other hole diameters, a synthetic seal and/or a ruby stone.

Die Düse wird aus rostfreiem Stahl, einer Messingdichtung und einem Saphirstein hergestellt. Auf Anfrage kann sie auch mit anderen Lochdurchmessern, einer Kunststoffdichtung und/oder einem Rubinstein geliefert werden.

La buse est fabriquée à d'acier inox, joint en laiton et pierre en saphir. Sur demande elle peut aussi être livrée avec d'autres diamètres de trou, un joint synthétique et/ou avec une pierre en rubis.