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Diamond Nozzles

Diamond-Nozzle   Type DDI-2 

Wärmeleitscheibe TO220A Wärmeleitscheiben TO220A Zeichnung
All diamond long life nozzles in this table have the equivalent geometry to the sapphire nozzles in the same line and can replace them.
diamond nozzles sapphire nozzles
DDB-1 Typ 18
DDF-1 Typ 14
DDF-2 Typ 20
DDF-3 Typ 23
DDF-4 Typ 26
DDI-1 Typ 27
DDI-2 Typ 25
DDI-3 Typ 10
Diamond water cut nozzles, in relevant cases and under suitable conditions, a 15 to 20 times higher life time compared with sapphire nozzles, even at good cut quality.

Accordingly they cause less changeovers and production has less times to be interrupted. Changeover time and laber cost can be safed extensive.

Available diameters:
0.04mm – 0.45mm
~0.0016 inch - ~0.0177 inch
Pressure: <6000 bar = 80,000 psi